SOMHUB Presents: The Somalia Customary Justice Resource Centre

SOMHUB Presents: The Somalia Customary Justice Resource Centre

Featured: DDG Lessons Learnt Study on Engaging Somali Customary Institutions

Engagement of Somali Customary Institutions in Justice Programs: Establishing a Knowledge Base (Main Report) by Robin Mydlak

This report evaluates the impact of the Danish Demining Group’s support for customary justice institutions in Somalia, and explores the challenges and opportunities for this area of work. (11 March 2020)



Engaging Somali Customary Institutions (Brief) by Robin Mydlak

This summary document covers the main findings of the Engagement of Somali Customary Institutions in Justice Programs report in more concise form for easier access. (11 March 2020)



Fusing Paradigms: Individual Rights and Customary Justice in Somalia by Tanja Chopra

This external commentary on DDG’s learning study explores Somalia’s different justice systems and how to effectively pursue justice approaches that are both rights-based and contextually appropriate. (11 March 2020)



The Clan System and Customary Justice in Somalia: A Brief Introduction by Robin Mydlak

This overview of Somalia’s clan system and customary institutions is a good first stop for those seeking to understand this complex system and its importance to public life and decision-making in Somalia. (11 March 2020)





The Somali Customary Law (Xeer) Database

Compiled by DDG, this page (still in progress) provides links to documented town-wide Xeer documents from districts across Somalia, both in the original Somali and in DDG-sponsored English translations.



Other key resources:

Xaqdoon Law Firm: “Legal Pluralism, Death Penalty in the Somali Penal Code” (16 March 2020)

Expanding Access to Justice Programme: “Shari’ah in Somalia” (6 March 2020)

Saferworld: “Working with Government and Customary Authorities: Considerations for Peacebuilding Practitioners” (31 January 2020)

IDLO: “Evaluation of the project ‘Strengthening Linkages between Formal Justice System and Traditional Dispute Resolution System to Improve Access to Justice – Phase II‘” (8 October 2018)

Overseas Development Institute: “Gatekeepers, elders and accountability in Somalia” (1 December 2017)

ACCORD: “Reinvigoration of Somali Traditional Justice through Inclusive Conflict Resolution Approaches” (12 October 2017)

Wilson Center: “The Hybridization of Security Sector Governance for Peace-Building and State-Building In Somalia” (5 November 2014)

SOMHUB Presents: The Somalia Customary Justice Resource Centre
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